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Comprehensive scripting index



I saw there is already a post for improvements to the Scripting index here :Scripting-Index-improvements  . However, I don't know if wishes are actually taken into account when they are submitted as comments to an existing wish, so I'll just make a new post.



Something that would be very useful would be to have a 100% comprehensive Scripting index. What I mean is to include for every function, a complete list of all arguments, what the funtion returns, and the clearest possible explanation so a novice can understand exactly how a function works and what it does.


Yes I know, some of this information can be found in the JSL syntax reference. But why not have it all in the same place?  All too often I have to read both the text of the Scripting index and the syntax reference to understand what the function actually is and how it works. So having a more thorough, more detailed, more education oriented Scripting index would be very valuable.







Tracking Number:

Defect ID: S1559430

Level IV

Another improvement please :


  • Make text easily copied. Currently, if I want to copy the text explaining the function syntax and its explanation, I have to right click--> edit --> select  and then Ctrl+C or right click --> copy text. This way of doing things is quite old, the same the Windows command line! Could we have a one click solution? Like a button or just by making the text selectable directly with a left mouse click.
  • Make text easily pasted! After I copied text from the Scripting index, when I paste it in a text editor like word or Notepad, it contains a bunch of formatting code that looks like html or something. Can we have just plain text ?

Hi @bobmorrane,

Thank you for all of your ideas!

For your original suggestion to make the Scripting Index more comprehensive, I have entered a suggestion for our development and documentation team to review.

Regarding copying text, typically in JMP, we use the fat-plus selection tool to do selection before Ctrl+C to copy. The shortcut to switch to selection mode is just the letter “S” but that does not appear to work in the Scripting Index window. If this worked, would that be acceptable? You could quickly press "S" for selection, select the text box, Ctrl+C to copy, and press "A" to switch back to the arrow.

As for the format tags in the pasted text, that should only appear when one of your search terms appears in the text. If you clear your search and then copy the text, it should be without any format tags. However, I have passed along the suggestion for the tags to automatically be removed when copying.



Level IV

Hi Justin,


sure, selecting the text using the selection mode would be acceptable. Thanks for looking into this.


Level V

Another improvement request: For custom functions, there is a difference in the way the Scripting Index handles categories versus the way the Formula Editor does.

  • In the Scripting Index, if you assign a custom function to a built-in category, it doesn't work. (The custom function just isn't added to the Category pane at all, although it can be found by searching. If your custom function has a category name that does not conflict with a built-in category, then there is no problem.)
  • In the Formula Editor, if you assign a custom function to a built-in category, it works fine. The custom function appears under the assigned (built-in) category.

I'd like the Scripting Index to work the same as the Formula Editor.