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App builder improvements and tutorial

*** I'm using JMP 14.1 . These might already be in JMP 15, I don't know as I won't get a newer version for a while now. **  



Now that I am comfortable with Scripting, I am trying to use the app builder and it feels like I am back to square one, I don't understand anything about how the app builder works.


==> A proper tutorial would be most useful. Something that goes beyond the few basic steps shown in the Scripting Guide.


This could be a more general wish too ==> Make tutorials for many more platforms !


Some improvements:



- Drag and drop functionalities available with menus and clicks : For example currently the only way I can see to organise objects is to drag and drop. But when reports are quite big, or when you want to precisely place and object into a display box, it can get quite messy and difficult. I would like to be able to do this in the properties menu. E.g. copy the report I want to use, then in the properties, right click on the display box i want to insert it into then "paste".



- Drag and Drop in properties pane : If I have put a report in the wrong level of a display tree, it would be hugely beneficial to have the ability to fix it by dragging and droping in the properties pane. E.g. in the properties pane, grab my object or box and drop it on the right level of the display tree. Like the way you drag and drop objects in a journal window.



- Be able to use CTRL+Z more than once !!! I don't know if it is just on my system but I can only  cancel one action. Quite often you need to do this a few times in a row. Currently I have to quit then reopen my app... Not so practical...


-Display all outlines of display tree : Similar to the button in a word documents that make all spaces and tabs appear on screen. I would like to have a frame displayed over all my different boxes and other objects in my module window. Like this I could see precisely what fits where, which object belongs in what display box. Because currently, the way things are displayed makes it too fiddly to be practical.



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Defect ID: S1561897

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Another improvement :


-Tips during drag and drop : While dragging something, before you drop it, a tip that tells you where it is going to be dropped "e.g. drop to TabPage2" 



Community Manager

Thanks for posting these. It would be helpful however, to have them broken out into individual wishes. We have a hard time tracking them and gauging user interest when they receive kudos when there are multiple ideas in a single post. Would it be possible for you to post them individually?