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Add possibility to round to even (banker's rounding) (or at least add teaching script to demonstrate the effect)

Add function to round to even / preference to change default rounding used by JMP (to my understanding both Python and R follow IEEE 754 and round to even by default). Also add Teaching Script to demonstrate the effect of rounding to even vs rounding to nearest. To my understanding round-to-even is the default behaviour for example in IEEE 754 - Rounding Rules (  Rounding to nearest should reduce bias when calculating aggregated statistics such as sum and mean from rounded values.


Below is example script (might not be the best demonstration...):

Names Default To Here(1);

row_count = 400;
dt = New Table("Bankers_demo", Add Rows(row_count), New Column("TrueValue", Numeric, Continuous, Formula(0.25 * (Row() - 100))));

dt << New Column("RoundToNearest", Numeric, Continuous, Formula(Round(:TrueValue, 0)));
dt << New Column("RoundToEven",
		l = Words(Char(:TrueValue), ".");
		If(N Items(l) == 1,
			If(l[2] == "5",
				If(Modulo(Num(l[1]), 2),
				Round(:TrueValue, 0)

dt << New Column("TrueSum", Numeric, Continuous, Formula(Col Cumulative Sum(:TrueValue)));
dt << New Column("NearestSum", Numeric, Continuous, Formula(Col Cumulative Sum(:RoundToNearest)));
dt << New Column("EvenSum", Numeric, Continuous, Formula(Col Cumulative Sum(:RoundToEven)));
dt << New Column("ErrorNearest", Numeric, Continuous, Formula(Abs(:TrueSum - :NearestSum)));
dt << New Column("ErrorEven", Numeric, Continuous, Formula(Abs(:TrueSum - :EvenSum)));

dt << New Column("TrueAvg", Numeric, Continuous, Formula(:TrueSum / Row()));
dt << New Column("NearestAvg", Numeric, Continuous, Formula(:NearestSum / Row()));
dt << New Column("EvenAvg", Numeric, Continuous, Formula(:EvenSum / Row()));

nw = New Window("Rounding",
	H List Box(
		Panel Box("Actions",
			Button Box("Add Row", dt << Add Rows(1, At End)),
			Button Box("Add 10 Rows", dt << Add Rows(10, At End)),
			Button Box("Add 100 Rows", dt << Add Rows(100, At End)),
			Button Box("Add 1000 Rows", dt << Add Rows(1000, At End))
		gb = dt << Graph Builder(
			Size(528, 456),
			Show Control Panel(0),
			Variables(X(:TrueValue), Y(:ErrorNearest, Position(1)), Y(:ErrorEven, Position(1))),
			Elements(Points(X, Y(1), Y(2), Y(3), Legend(3)), Line(X, Y(1), Y(2), Y(3), Legend(5))),
			Local Data Filter(Add Filter(columns(:TrueValue))),
					{Legend Model(
						Base(0, 0, 0, Item ID("TrueSum", 1)),
						Base(1, 0, 0, Item ID("NearestSum", 1)),
						Base(2, 0, 0, Item ID("EvenSum", 1))
			Show Control Panel(0),
			Add Table(Column Table(Statistics(Sum, Mean)), Row Table(Analysis Columns(:TrueValue, :RoundToNearest, :RoundToEven)))
	<< On Close(Try(Close(dt, No Save)))



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Thanks for the detailed description.  We may take this under consideration for a future release.