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May 3, 2017

JMP Display Boxes

The purpose of this script is to provide a demo of how to script several types of diplay boxes.  There is a checkbox near each section and when you click on that checkbox the script to create that section appears in a script box at the bottom of the window.  This was written many years ago and has been very helpful to many JSL coders.

Thanks for sharing this! I'm always looking for scripts that will make it easier to show colleagues how to use JSL!

The script does a great job of illustrating the various display boxes.

Are there scripts or some other reference, that show how to obtain and use the contents of, for example, the Number Edit Box, Text Edit Box, Table Box after a user has changed the values.

I have read the script examples and while they illustrate syntax but there is not much on how to use them, especialy in an add-in.


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