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Animated GIF Player in JMP

In JMP 14 we began adding support for multi-frame images in JMP. On Windows, JMP can read in and display multi-frame TIFF files as well as animated GIF files. Since doing that I've heard requests for "playing" an animated GIF in a JMP window, with some user control. If you drag and drop your animated GIF into a browser window the animation will play automatically and continuously. But some users have requested control over the frames.


In response, I have written an animated GIF player in JSL. If you specify the animated GIF file in the script, it will open a JMP window with that file. If you don't specify the GIF, it will open a window and allow the user to navigate to an animated GIF. Once the GIF image is opened in the window the user can play and pause the animation or step through the individual frames in the animation.


I hope you find this useful, or at least entertaining, and as always let me know if you have any suggestions for improvements.



Hi! JohnPonte,
I'd like to know if this jsl can work in JMP pro 13?

The multi-frame image functionality was added to JMP (on Windows) incrementally over different versions. Support for multi-frame images, such as GIF, goes back to JMP 12 but the JSL interface to that functionality wasn't added until JMP 13. I tried running both the GIF Player and the Image Analyzer , another Add-In I wrote to support multi-frame images. The GIF Player seemed to work as far back as JMP 12. The Image Analyzer gave me the multi-frame controls in JMP 13. So it depends on what you are trying to do as to what version of JMP you will need. You don't need Pro for any of it, but JMP 13 should give you most of the functionality. This particular script, gifPlayer.jsl, should run in JMP (or JMP Pro) 13 on Windows.

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