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US ZIP Code Maps

This archive contains US-ZIP5-2010-XY.JMP and US-ZIP5-2010-Name.JMP. Place them in your Maps directory and JMP will auto discover them. Some ZIP codes do not correspond to areas and are not represented (for instance, a street or PO box collection). Some areas have no ZIP codes (for instance, national parks and military bases).



Anyway to get Census Tract maps? I also have unfortunately realized that there are several zip codes assigned to one census tract. I have data for census tract IDs, and don't know how to properly map them.

I'm having trouble getting this to work.  I downloaded the 2 files and placed them in the Maps directory.  Then built a data table with 2 columns, one labelled "Zip Code" and one "Population".  The data table has 2 rows, each with a different (valid) zip under "Zip Code" and two other numbers under "Population".  Open graph builder, try to drag Zip Code to the Map Shape zone.


Error on graph builder (below Map Shape) says "No Shape File Found for Zip Code."


What am I doing wrong?

Are these files still functional with JMP14?

Thank you,

It worked great for me in JMP-13. Thanks much

Thank you for providing these, Xan! Helped me with a current application.

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