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Episode 9 (April 22, 2020)


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Supply and Demand with Carbon Pricing 

Our Earth Day episode of JMP on Air kicks off with SAS Co-Founder and JMP Chief Architect John Sall. In his talk, Supply and Demand with Carbon Pricing, John combines his expertise in JMP and a passion for global conservation and environmental issues to compare a carbon tax to cap-and-trade-- using JMP for scripting and creating graphs. After providing some background on the issues around carbon pricing, John shows us how supply and demand slopes are affected based on the tax, as well as the effects low and boom demands would have on price


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FIT for Earth Day 

Learn how WildTrack founders Sky Alibhai and Zoe Jewell help to protect endangered species around the world. Unlike tagging and other invasive programs, WildTrack uses hands-off monitoring of animals using footprints to better understand and address problems of habitat fragmentation, poaching, and others. Their analysis tool of choice? JMP, of course. Learn more about WildTrack’s Footprint Identification Technique (FIT) and how they use this method with JMP to collect, map and analyze critical data. Finally, Sky and Zoe share how you can help WildTrack collect data and ultimately help protect endangered species.



Sky Alibhai

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Sustainability for a Brighter Future 

SAS is the world leader in analytics, but they’re also a sustainability innovator. From streaming data to improve operations through its smart campus project to powering office buildings with clean energy from its solar farms, SAS is doing its part to protect the earth and build a better world through innovation. In this talk, Jerry Williams, SAS’ Environmental Sustainability Program Manager, gives us a high-level overview of some of SAS’ award-winning environmental programs and how the company works with employees, suppliers and customers to reduce its environmental footprint.


Jerry Williams
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Monitoring the SAS Beehives 

SAS welcomed its first honeybee hives to SAS World Headquarter about three years ago. When we learned that 30% of beehives around the world are lost each winter and honeybees undergo many stressors, we turned our beehives into an IoT innovation project. In this session, Anya McGuirk shows us how SAS is using scales and sensors to monitor internal temperature, humidity and external threats (e.g. “hive robberies” and “mite infestations”) to ensure the health of the four beehives located on the SAS campus.


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Solar Farm Data 

According to JMP’s Xan Gregg, the great thing about having a solar farm on campus is all the awesome data you can collect and analyze. Using JMP’s Graph Builder, Xan gives us a look at the power generated by SAS’ two solar farms. How does power production vary by month? How about by day within each month? What does a sunny day look like when compared to an overcast or rainy one? What effect did a rare Cary, NC snowstorm have on production? All these questions (and more) are answered in this fascinating talk.


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Exploring the Reef: Coral Response to Changing Environments

Coral Biologist Anderson Mayfield has dedicated his career to preserving, protecting and restoring the world’s oceans and aquatic resources. In this segment of JMP On Air’s Earth Day Episode, Dr. Mayfield shows how he is using data analytics (and JMP Pro) to predict and positively influence the health of the world’s coral reefs. You’ll also learn more about how better understanding global threats, (e.g. climate change, human population growth, overfishing, water pollution and disease) can help us build up resilience in our threatened coral environments.


Anderson Mayfield
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Going Carbon Neutral 

In this JMP On Air Earth Day presentation, Linda Kelly talks about how her nonprofit organization, Carbonfund.org, is leading the fight against climate change. Learn how easy and affordable it is for any individual or business to reduce and offset their climate impact. In the first part of the talk, Linda outlines how individuals can reduce their carbon emission footprint by employing some pretty simple changes. For businesses, Carbonfund.org provides emission estimations and carbon footprint assessments. Once a footprint is identified, Carbonfund.org helps organizations offset their impact by directing them toward 3rd party solutions, specifically qualified to address issues of energy efficiency, land conservation, and renewable energy like wind farms, solar arrays and more.


Linda G. Kelly
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Analyzing Air Quality Improvements 

In this featured Earth Day Presentation, Dan Valente, Manager of JMP Product Management, shows us how to visualize and share air quality data in JMP. Using EPA air pollutant data, Dan looks at how California’s air quality has changed over time (especially noting changes seen during the Spring on 2020, when shelter in place orders were in place due to COVID-19). After downloading data from the EPA and loading it into JMP, Dan shows you how to build several visualizations and load them into JMP Live, the perfect platform for securely sharing data and collaborating with colleagues.


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Plant Breeding with Genomics 

Climate change, water challenges and economic and agricultural hardships are just a few of the challenges we face feeding a growing world population. In this presentation Kelci Miclaus, Advanced Analytics R&D Manager for the JMP Life Sciences division at SAS, guides us through some of the many features in JMP Genomics that are advantageous to plant breeders. Kelci uses Rich Oats for Africa oat-breeding data to show you how JMP Genomics can help build, train and score models to determine what breeds maximize yield, provide better nutritive content and minimize disease.


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