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Episode 2 (April 6, 2020)

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Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Using JMP (Episode 1)

NY-area System Engineer Mike Anderson kicks off a regular series for JMP On Air: Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Using JMP. After completing his PhD., Mike entered the workforce and almost immediately began using JMP. As a brand-new engineer, Mike spent a lot of his early time using JMP “learning” through trial and error. In this series, Mike shares with you the five critical things that will help make your early days using JMP go smoothly. In this session, Mike covers Thing #1: Turning tables into graphs. Mike argues that putting a data table in front of someone isn’t very stimulating, but presenting data with graphics makes the information you’re trying convey stand out. Follow along as Mike shows you how easy it is to turn your data into basic, but incredibly helpful, JMP visualizations.




The Statistics Index 

In today’s episode of Help! Ross Metusalem introduces the Statistics Index in JMP. Located on the Help Menu, the Statistics Index gives you a list of all statistical methods available in JMP and helps you determine which one to use. Much like the index of a book, the Statistics Index gives you a list of all the statistical methods available, and supplements that information with a definition and even an example of how to use the particular analysis in JMP.


Meet a JMP Developer


 Laura Castro-Schilo 


Have You Tried?

Adding Hyperlinks to Text Columns 

Why DOE? Reason 1: Too Many Possibilities to Explore  @phil_kay 
DIY Data


Connecting an Arduino with JMP for Realtime Data Collection

An Arduino is a tiny computer that can be customized to perform many tasks. In this episode of DIY Data@ryandewitt collects and streams real-time luminance data to JMP.  The pilot show for this series, Ryan uses an Arduino Uno R3, and a connected light IR sensor to Pin 0 to get power from the USB attachment to a computer running JMP. Using a script in JMP, Ryan shows you how to collect the data and transfer to a data table with three columns. Follow along as Ryan takes you through each step in the process.


JMP in Action Creating Drill-Down Graphs in Graph Builder  @wendytseng 
Tip of the Day How to Quickly Generate Summary Statistics When Using Tabulate



Closing The Last 5 @julian 

Another great episode ... connecting an Arduino was one of those cool things I brought back from Discovery in Tucson ... and this reminds me it is still on my 'to do' list! 

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