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You are unable to use JMP® 14 functions on macOS Big Sur 11

JMP 14 is not supported on macOS Big Sur 11. JMP began support for macOS Big Sur 11 with the JMP® 15.2 version.

You must either upgrade to JMP 15.2 or a newer version, or downgrade your macOS version in order to meet the JMP 14 system requirements.

How to Upgrade to JMP® 15.2

  • JMP Annual license customers: Contact the JMP Site Representative at your organization, or contact Contracts at 1-800-727-0025, option 3.
  • JMP Subscription customers: Contact JMP Sales at 1-877-594-6567, or visit the Manage Your JMP Subscription page.
  • JMP purchased through OnTheHub or customers using JMP® Student Edition: Contact JMP Technical Support.

How to Downgrade Your macOS Version

  • Follow the instructions at Reinstall macOS, part of the macOS User Guide from Apple.

For additional assistance, contact JMP Technical Support.


[Previously JMP Note 66976]

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