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What is the difference between the Excel Import Wizard and the Excel Add-In for JMP®?

There are two primary methods for importing Microsoft Excel files into JMP. You can use the Excel Import Wizard or the Excel Add-In for JMP (in Microsoft Windows environments only). However, each method leads to slightly different import outcomes.

The Excel Add-In uses Windows automation to communicate between a JMP session and Excel. Excel transfers the values over at the time of the request. Any calculations or value evaluations are done by the Excel program.

The Excel Import Wizard relies on a set of internal third-party libraries to read the Excel file as a flat file. Because JMP can evaluate the Excel file only as a flat file, it does not have the ability to calculate formulas or evaluate value statements. Also, JMP does not import Excel formulas.

If you are unable to import an Excel file using either of the methods above, contact JMP Technical Support for assistance.


[Previously JMP Note 67557]

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