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The JMP® 17 installation media for Macintosh does not apply the license file

When you install JMP and JMP Pro 17.0 via the SAS Software Depot, the license file located within the sid_files folder is not automatically applied.


If you want to have the license file auto-applied during install, place the TXT license file that is located in the sid_files folder in the same folder as the jmp{pro}__1700__mac.dmg file. Then, run the installer.


If you have any questions, contact JMP Technical Support.



It is not clear to me what you have wanted to mean.

I have instructed my students to follow the steps below to install JMP Pro. Please let me know if they are correct.

Follow the steps to install on your Apple computers.
Step 1. Fully download the entire folder "SAS Software Depot for Apple" on your hard drive
Step 2: Once downloaded fully, click the folder. You will see seven subfolders and four files. Click the sub-folder "JMP"
Step 3: You will see another sub-folder "JMP Pro". Click this sub-folder
Step 4. You will see another sub-folder "17_0". Click and you will see another sub-folder "Macintosh"
Step 5: Click the sub-folder "Macintosh". You will see a sub-folder "jmppro__1700__mac.dgm"
Step 6: Click this "jmppro__1700__mac.dgm". This will then navigate you to launch the software on your computer

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