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Special requirements for running JMP® 16 on Apple M1 Silicon ARM-based processors

Apple's M1 Silicon and later processors, developed by Advanced RISC Machines (ARM), have special requirements for full support in JMP 16. Due to Apple's move from Intel-based processors to ARM-based processors in its newer Mac OS systems, third-party drivers and software must also support Apple's ARM-based architecture to work with JMP.

When running JMP 16 in native mode on Mac OS 11 on an ARM-based process, the following third-party drivers and software must also support native mode:  

  • ODBC Drivers (several vendors make ARM-based ODBC drivers that work in native mode, such as Actual Technologies*)
  • Python support (see JMP Help for more information about setting up Python on your version of JMP)
  • SAS Integration (JMP uses an internal Java client that supports the Apple ARM-based architecture)

If you have questions about the support of these or other features on the Apple M1 Silicon ARM-based processor, contact JMP Technical Support.

* SAS does not endorse Actual Technologies. The example is given for reference only.


[Previously JMP Note 66963]

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