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Reordering reports and accessing studies after updating JMP Clinical

I have just updated JMP Clinical to a new version. My reports are in the wrong order, and I can't access my studies. How do I fix this?


After you install the updated version of JMP Clinical, refresh your studies and reset the report configuration using the following steps:

  1. Open JMP Clinical and open the Studies tab.
  2. Select a study, and click to refresh that study.
  3. Repeat for all studies.
  4. Select one of the studies as the Current study.
  5. Click the Settings tab and then click Manage Configurations... to open The Manage Configurations... window. 
  6. Navigate to the Report Management section and click Reset.
  7. Close The Manage Configurations... window and then close JMP Clinical.
  8. Reopen JMP Clinical and proceed with using the software as usual.
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