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Launching the JSL Debugger might result in time out and unknown errors

When the JSL Debugger is launched, a second instance of JMP® is created. The two JMP instances communicate with one another using sockets. Due to various VPN and firewall settings, the launching of the JSL Debugger may be blocked. In these instances, you might see the following error messages:

Time out encountered attempting to connect to the JSL Debugger GUI.

Unknown error encountered during the initialization of the JSL debugger. Operation has been canceled.

To resolve this issue, contact your local IT staff to review and adjust your firewall and VPN settings to allow application access for 'jmp.exe' to the host. Specifying a set of ports in the settings is not sufficient, as a new set of ports is selected each time the JSL Debugger is launched. Keep in mind that these settings might need to be updated in the future when a new version of JMP is installed.

The use of McAfee Antivirus software is a known cause of this issue. If you use McAfee, you need to add an incoming/outgoing exception for 'jmp.exe' on all ports in the "Internet Connection for Programs" section of the McAfee Firewall settings.

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