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JMP® can crash when using drag and drop functionality

JMP® might begin to crash when using drag-and-drop functionality within any platform.  This affects all versions of JMP on Windows and may be caused by a recent update to a third party software package called Digital Guardian.

The crash is a known issue with Digital Guardian software. A recent update with Digital Guardian has affected the drag-and-drop behavior for Windows.  As a temporary work-around, you can avoid drag-and-drop behavior in JMP and use buttons to perform actions within dialogs and interfaces where possible.

The only permanent resolutions that we have discovered are:

  1. work with your local IT department to revert any recent Digital Guardian updates
  2. request that your company’s Digital Guardian support contact reaches out to Digital Guardian’s technical support team for advice on how to configure Digital Guardian’s settings to avoid the crash

Please contact JMP Technical Support with any further questions.

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