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Installation Note 43808: JMP® error when applying license: "Error while processing JMP license file"

Issue Description

The following error might be displayed when applying a JMP® license file:


Error processing.png









This error normally stems from one of several problems:

1. The license file being applied is for another version.

  • JMP 15 license files can be applied to JMP 15 only. The same holds true for other versions of JMP software.
  • JMP 10 license files cannot be applied to JMP 11. You can determine the version of JMP your license file applies to by the naming convention. "JMP<version>_123456_12345678_Win_Wrkstn.txt". Note: in JMP 16 and later the error will say, "It appears that the license found is for the wrong version of JMP."

2. The license file being applied is for another operating system. JMP license files for Windows do not work for Macintosh and vice versa. Using the example above, "JMP<version>_123456_12345678_Win_Wrkstn.txt" would work for Windows only. Macintosh license files have a suffix of _OSX_.

3. The license file has been manually edited. Any changes to the license file text will void the license. 


NOTE: Always right-click the JMP icon and choose "Run as Administrator" when applying a new license file.


Operating System
macOS Windows
Products JMP JMP Pro JMP Clinical