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Changes to the import of Microsoft Excel files in JMP® 18

JMP® 18 introduces a new internal import engine for Microsoft® Excel files. You may see subtle differences in the imported files, such as different numbers of decimals displayed or column type differences. The precision of the data, however, is not lost. Macintosh users will see improvements:

  1. Categorical and Cross Tab output supports "Save as Excel File," matching the functionality that has been available in JMP on Windows machines.
  2. Before JMP 18, Excel files required you to always use the Excel Wizard or JSL with Excel Wizard settings. In JMP 18, this requirement is no longer the case as the "Column 1 Always/Never has Labels" functionality is now supported on both platforms.

With the update, however, JMP 18 can no longer import password protected Excel files. You will need to open the files in Excel and save a copy that does NOT include the password protection. This copy of the file can then be opened in JMP.

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