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We're name dropping so you don't miss out on Discovery Summit Americas

steering committee.jpgAt the risk of being pretentious, we’re going to drop some names. It’s for a good cause – so you don’t miss out on the statistical discovery event of the year, Discovery Summit Americas. Because once you know who will be there, we think you’ll want to be there, too. (The conference is Oct. 4-7, and if you're already ready to register, here is where to go.)

Let’s start with several members of the event Steering Committee – the folks who help us pick the best papers and posters.

  • At Lundbeck, Patricia McNeill leads a team in designing and evaluating fermentation and cell culture experiments for the production of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies.
  • Cameron Willden supports engineers and scientists across many different product lines at W.L. Gore, focusing on manufacturing and new product development. 
  • Supriya Satwah uses her expertise with advanced analytics to deliver critical results for business decision making for the Modeling & Analytics team in Digital R&D at Unilever.
  • Sarah Gilyard is an in-house consultant at Micron Technology. She provides statistical support to engineers and other semiconductor professionals.
  • At Aera Energy, Matt Kedzierski mentors, teaches and leads engineers and technicians who perform data analytics and Six Sigma improvement projects.
  • Trish Roth, a molecular immunologist turned data scientist, manages a statistical process control program for diagnostic product manufacturing at Abbott Laboratories. 

Those are simply some of the brilliant people who pick the contributed content. Ready to register now?

But what about all of the interactive papers and posters that make the conference so rich in content? There’s too much information to include here. So we’ll just drop a dozen of the world-class organizations represented at the 2021 Discovery Summit Americas:

  1. Abbott Molecular
  2. Applied Materials
  3. AstraZeneca
  4. Dow Chemical
  5. Johns Hopkins University
  6. Microsoft
  7. Procter & Gamble
  8. Samsung
  9. Sandia National Labs
  10. Syngenta
  11. Thermo Fisher Scientific
  12. US Army

Satisfied? You will be when you hear real-world stories about overcoming obstacles with statistical data exploration. Register now to attend our all-online Discovery Summit Americas.

P.S. It's free!

Last Modified: Sep 16, 2021 10:50 AM