Our World Statistics Day conversations have been a great reminder of how much statistics can inform our lives. Do you have an example of how statistics has made a difference in your life? Share your story with the Community!
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We all need S-P-A-C-E

"What would be a life that is worth living?" was a question that researcher Vic Strecher and his family confronted."What would be a life that is worth living?" was a question that researcher Vic Strecher and his family confronted.As a behavioral scientist, Victor J. Strecher, Professor and Director for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship at University of Michigan School of Public Health and the founder of JOOL Health, has thought a lot about purpose and well-being. His path to thinking about and articulating his own purpose is a poignant one. 

His book, Life on Purpose, is both his journey as well as the data and science behind the importance of having a sense of purpose in life.

The evidence is compelling. For example, people who have a stronger sense of purpose:

  • Live longer and have higher levels of well-being.
  • Are more emotionally resilient and experience post-traumatic growth instead of post-traumatic stress following horrific events.
  • Have fewer heart attacks and strokes.
  • Are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease as they transition to retirement.

Vic shared many results of replicated research on why we should all have a strong sense of purpose in life. Part of Vic’s own purpose is empowering others to think about and articulate their own purpose. He is sincere when he says “JMP changed my life.” As a behavioral scientist, Vic appreciated how JMP empowered him to get more done with his data.  He then went on to found JOOL Health to help others be their best selves. To have a life worth living, you need energy and willpower, which are fueled by S-P-A-C-E: 

  • Sleep (increasingly important as research shows)
  • Presence
  • Activity
  • Creativity
  • Eating

One other popular part of Vic's plenary was playing a short recording of "This Is The Application – A new manifesto of well-being" written and performed by poet Sekou Andrews.  The recording is also available on JOOLHealth.com.

For the first time in the history of JMP Discovery Summit, attendees gave a standing ovation. All were moved by Vic’s journey. I highly recommend watching the recording of his speech

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