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Video: Predictive modeling in the race to preserve coral reefs

With coral reefs around the world threatened by the accelerating impacts of climate change, marine biologist Anderson Mayfield, PhD (@abmayfield), shows how data science can help identify both sensitive and resilient corals prior to marine heatwaves and disease outbreaks to aid in management interventions and triage efforts.


His innovation, which applies predictive modeling in JMP Pro with data from both field and tank studies, represents a major step in the science of coral reef management. This work will soon be adapted to optimize coral reef conservation and coral rescue interventions to maximize their chance of success.


Learn how JMP Pro enables leading-edge scientific research: Predictive Analytics Software | JMP Pro

Find out more about Dr. Mayfield’s work: Coral Reef Diagnostics

Last Modified: Jul 21, 2022 3:48 PM