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Unlocking the value of text analytics

The vast majority of business-relevant information is not found just in structured databases coming from transactional systems. Seth Grimes of Alta Plana Corp. explains why you should analyze unstructured data.

“Structured data is low-hanging fruit and easy to analyze. We need to go for the fruit that’s really sweet – text, images, video and audio,” says Grimes.


Grimes is the leading industry analyst covering natural language processing (NLP), text analytics, and sentiment analysis technologies and their business applications. In the full interview, he talks about the business applications and benefits of these methods, as well as the industries that have successfully capitalized on them.

He and Analytically Speaking host Anne Milley cover:

  • Why text analytics is growing at a faster rate than conventional business intelligence.
  • The power of open-ended data collection and conversation mining.
  • Advice for organizations that want to exploit their text data.
  • How innovations in computing and mobile technology are transforming data analysis.
  • Teaching marketing analytics to engineers.

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TextExplorer2.jpgIf you’re interested in learning how to use advanced text exploration to quickly analyze unstructured data like non-conformances, product complaints, maintenance reports, customer feedback and employee satisfaction surveys, we have a number of resources to help you get started.


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