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Summer DOE Series: Getting Started with Easy DOE

New to DOE? No problem! Easy DOE is a guided platform to get you started. Learn how to design and analyze an experiment all in a single guided process. Once you are comfortable with the basics of DOE, learn how to seamlessly transition to standard DOE approaches.


Q&A session

Q: What version of JMP has Easy DOE?

A: JMP 17

Q: How did you organize the extra information with the presentation outline off to the side?

A: The extra information off to the side is a JMP Journal. JMP Journals are a great way to organize your information and presentations.

Q: Can you add responses later after running an experiment?

A: Yes, the design does not depend on the number of responses. After (or during) an experiment, you can manually add a response column to the data table. You can also code the column with the Response Limits column property so the response is handled just like it would be if it had been added during the design creation. To add the Response Limit column property, right-click on the column header and select Column Info, then select Response Limits from the Column Property drop-down menu.

Q: Can you use a response surface design and reduce the number of experiments?

A: You can set up a response surface design in the flexible mode of Easy DOE and then adjust the number of runs you would like to carry out. You could also eliminate some model terms that you do want to have in the model by removing those from the design using the "Remove Terms" button.

Last Modified: Feb 14, 2024 10:14 AM