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Summer DOE Series: Doing More with Less

Are you already using a DOE approach in your experiments but want to continue extracting more information with fewer experiments? Join us to learn about advanced screening designs and how to augment DOEs to build upon prior experiments. The definitive screening design (DSD) is an efficient method that provides a platform for reducing the overall number of experiments AND gives additional information about the system. Augmenting a DOE is a methodology that helps you build upon prior experiments. See how you can start with a simple screening design and then build upon it to learn more without starting a new design.


Q&A / Discussion

Q: Can I run a DSD in the Custom Platform?

A: You can launch a DSD in the DOE menu: DOE > Definitive Screening Design


Q: How did you get the correlation map to default to purple?

A: You can specify Color Map preferences in the File > Preferences > Graphs menu. In this case, the Color Map on Correlations uses the "Sequential" color scheme. 


Q: How can I run a mixture design together with some added continuous factors?

A: Custom DOE is the best way to do this since there are no factor restrictions in this platform.

Last Modified: Sep 7, 2023 9:45 AM