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Stats Matter: Addressing the Gender Data Gap and Progressing Toward Equity

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Did you know that a few years ago, a new HIV drug was released but was only licensed for men to use because it hadn't been tested for women, despite the fact that women are the majority of those living with HIV globally?


This anecdote highlights the crucial importance of inclusivity in research and innovation, which is covered in the new edition of Stats Matter, JMP's LinkedIn newsletter, published today.


Based on an interview in which Caroline Criado Perez and David Hand discuss the problems posed by dark data and data bias, Di Michelson and Elodie Delclaux share their perspectives about the scarcity of gender-specific data in R&D.


As Michelson points out, "Including awareness of gender (and age! and ability!) differences are crucial to equity." So, if you would like to play your part in spreading knowledge on this issue, have examples to share, or recommendations for actions that can be taken to ensure that no one is left in the data shadows, please leave them in the comments section of the newsletter.

Last Modified: Mar 21, 2024 8:59 AM