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Meet Shankar Vedantam of 'Hidden Brain'

What questions do you have for Shankar Vedantam of "Hidden Brain"?What questions do you have for Shankar Vedantam of "Hidden Brain"?Get ready for a great conversation.

Discovery Summits aren’t just about visualizing data and talking statistics. Our summits are also about exploring ideas, making connections and inspiring innovation. They’re about curiosity and engagement. So, we’ve asked the host of Hidden Brain podcast, Shankar Vedantam, to close the conference on Friday, Oct16, with a conversation about how we understand numbers, how we make decisions and how we persuade – and are persuaded by – others.  

Vedantam will tell real-world stories, share his research and answer your questions. That’s right. NPR’s social science correspondent is going to answer your questions as part of his Discovery Summit keynote.  

As part of our promise to make our online version of Discovery Summit as interactive and interesting as our in-person events, we’re tailoring talks to this new format. And Vedantam is ready. We’ve told him all about you, your work and that you tend to be natural problem solvers. We’ve talked with him about the age-old problem of finding the signal in the noise, about your need for data-driven decision making, about how you strive to create quality goods and services, about the desire to communicate findings and persuade others.

You get the idea. We’re ready for an enlightening conversation. Are you? 

Simply register for Discovery Summit Americas, make room on your calendar for the week of Oct12, and think about the questions you have for Vedantam. If you’re not familiar with his work as host of “Hidden Brain – one of the most popular podcasts in the world – you may want to start listening now. We’re fans of Vedantam’s science and storytelling...and we think you will be too.  

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Community Manager

Hidden Brain is timely.  This 36-minute podcast episode is about race, violence and the power of culture to affect our behavior: