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JMP Public is here — get ready to show off your data

JMP Public is revealed at the Discovery Summit opening plenary session.JMP Public is revealed at the Discovery Summit opening plenary session.Welcome, JMP Public!

JMP Public is the new website where JMP data explorers can share interesting, interactive visualizations.

In a live demo during the opening plenary session of Discovery Summit 2018, Dan Valente (@danielvalente), Senior Product Manager, and Eric Hill (@Eric_Hill), Distinguished Software Developer, unveiled the public online space for sharing data and analyses from JMP.

Eric identified one of the main drivers for development of JMP Public: JMP users themselves. Since JMP released Interactive HTML, users have requested the ability to use data filters in their interactive visualizations. We listened. JMP Public is here.

The demo presented only one example of the many exciting ways data analysts will be able to collaborate with one another. Eric demonstrated how JMP users can access data, perform analyses in desktop JMP and publish those analyses on JMP Public. From JMP Public, Eric shared his visualizations on LinkedIn (one of several available sharing options). Dan showed how anyone who sees the shared report on a social platform, such as LinkedIn, can access and filter the data to answer his own questions — all on JMP Public and without a JMP license.

Dan encouraged the audience to take out their phones, go to public.jmp.com and check out the report Eric shared during the demo. “We’re looking forward to your feedback,” he said. “You can look at reports available on JMP Public today and let us know what you think.”

Anyone can visit JMP Public now and see some of the compelling data discoveries already being shared. You can view how health care expenditure affects life expectancy, check out baseball data exploration, see details about air quality and more.

Beginning with the release of JMP 14.2 at the end of 2018, JMP users can publish visualizations on JMP Public. We’re excited to see the visualizations JMP users will share with the world.

So don’t be shy! Get ready to show off your data. What discoveries will you share?