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Discovery Online attendees learn how they can use the new features in JMP 15

Across time zones and diverse locations, JMP users tuned in online to hear about the instant graphical gratification made possible by JMP 15, the latest version of JMP statistical discovery software. SAS co-founder and Executive Vice President John Sall gave attendees the tour of new features during the first plenary talk of Discovery Summit Online.

Discovery Online plenary session features new tools in JMP 15, including time series forecasting.Discovery Online plenary session features new tools in JMP 15, including time series forecasting.

Sall began the presentation by exploring data that is currently top of mind for most attendees — global data about the COVID-19 outbreak of 2020. Rapidly changing conditions surrounding the global spread of the virus caused Discovery Summit to shift from an in-person event in Munich to a virtual gathering online. And in this context, Sall demonstrated how JMP users can quickly access, wrangle and analyze all kinds of data from a variety of sources using JMP 15.

Here are some of the new and enhanced capabilities that extend what JMP users can do:

  • Enhanced graphics that offer instant graphical gratification in context – histograms in the Data Filter, header graphs in the data table and graphlets across several platforms
  • PDF, XML and JSON import wizards that give access to data in these file types
  • Recode enhancements to expand data wrangling capabilities
  • Explore Patterns platform to identify and investigate suspicious patterns
  • Time Series Forecast to take advantage of computer power to forecast many time series automatically
  • Model-Driven Multivariate Control Chart for examining multivariate processes
  • Group Orthogonal Supersaturated Designs (GOSSD) for experiment design
  • Structural Equation Modeling platform (JMP Pro)
  • Functional DOE profiler in Functional Data Explorer (JMP Pro)
  • Contour Profiler to explore opportunity space
  • Support Vector Machines (SVM) for even more predictive modeling options in JMP Pro


Sall wrapped up his talk by encouraging attendees to install JMP 15.1, the first maintenance release for JMP 15. He also invited everyone to learn the features using the examples in his presentation journal.

Check out all Discovery Summit Online presentation materials, including a recording of the talk at