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The sudden outbreak of 2019-nCoV new crown pneumonia affects the hearts of the people around the world. Facts have proven once again that the openness, transparency, and effectiveness of information are extremely important for disease prevention and control, because people make reasonable judgments based on the information they obtain. Once the information is transparent, timely, and true, people will naturally abide by government policies. Go out less, wash your hands frequently, wear a mask, and don’t disturb the country.


We see that major mainstream media platforms have launched live reporting columns for the epidemic in order to facilitate the public to understand the epidemic situation in the first place. So, as a world-leading statistical analysis software, what benefits can JMP bring to the public in terms of information sharing? In fact, JMP Live, as the latest family member of JMP15 , is the best partner to share all kinds of JMP interactive reports. JMP Live uses JMP's powerful statistical analysis and visualization functions and extends to the Web . With JMP Live , you can more easily display data and share findings. Next, we will briefly explain the basic process of publishing reports through JMP Live based on some basic retrospective data of the China epidemic during the period from the end of January to the beginning of February .


First, you need to prepare and organize the reports to be published. For example, the epidemic release information of the major mainstream media that you can see includes the following categories (disclaimer: the following data are all from online public channels and are for reference only. If there are errors or omissions, please understand):

  • The spatial measurement represented by the map is shown in
    图-1 中国疫情地图,数据源自国家及各省市地区卫健委.jpgFigure-1. The map of China's epidemic situation. The data comes from the national and provincial health committees.



  • Information on population movements closely related to epidemic transmission
    图-2a b c 不同表达形式下的武汉人口迁移情况,数据源自百度迁徙-a.jpg
    图-2a b c 不同表达形式下的武汉人口迁移情况,数据源自百度迁徙-b.jpg
    图-2a b c 不同表达形式下的武汉人口迁移情况,数据源自百度迁徙-c.jpg

Figure-2 Wuhan's population migration in different forms of expression, data from Baidu migration


It is obvious that the population flow before the closure of Wuhan mainly flows to Hubei Province (such as Xiaogan and Huanggang), surrounding provinces (such as Henan and Hunan), and first-tier cities (such as Guangdong, Beijing, and Shanghai) in order. The actual distribution is roughly consistent.


  • Trends and summary of various cases related to the outbreak
    图-3a 中国疫情趋势和汇总,数据源自国家及各省市地区卫健委.jpg
    图-3b 中国疫情趋势和汇总,数据源自国家及各省市地区卫健委.jpg

图-3a/b 中国疫情趋势和汇总,数据源自国家及各省市地区卫健委




然后,仅需通过如下几步便可将所选择的报表发布至JMP Live平台进行传播分享。

  • 在发布时,既可以将各个报表单一发布,也可以将拥有共同主题的报表通过JMP的仪表板进行整合后再发布,如图-4所示的“中国疫情趋势仪表板”。
    图-4 中国疫情趋势仪表板.jpg图-4 中国疫情趋势仪表板


  • 当待发布的报表处于打开状态后,点击“JMP菜单>文件>发布...”,在这里,对于JMP Live的正式用户自然可以选择发布至指定的JMP Live服务器,而对于JMP Live的非正式用户则可以选择JMP Public,即JMP Live的免费公共预览版进行体验;
    图-5 选择发布的报表和平台.jpg

图-5 选择发布的报表和平台


  • 之后的操作则十分简单,即按需设定Web报表标题、备注信息和共享权限后,点击“发布”即可;

图-6 设定发布信息.jpg

图-6 设定发布信息


  • When the publication is successful, the published report will be presented and pushed out of the JMP via the Web in the form of a group. On this basis, some additional settings can be made, such as defining image labels for the report group and social interaction with viewers, etc .;

图-7 Web报表组.jpg

Figure-7 Web report group



Finally, it should be noted that the above is just the general process of JMP Live release. When data is updated, you can also use JMP 's JSL scripting language to implement real-time update and rolling release of reports. For these advanced skills, we will discuss in a bit Post release.

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