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Yahoo Finance Fetcher

Description: download daily stock price data of specified symbols from Yahoo Finance.

Note: detailed documentation and the add-in are included in the attachment.


Get Yahoo Finance Data button does not do anything on my computer. My OS Windows 2007 Pro and I use JMP Pro 13.2.1. What can I do to get it fixed? 

It seems that the Yahoo Finance service has changed and that the script behind the addin did not. As the script is encrypted, there is nothing much to do, except hoping that a new version will come out someday.

I don't have an immediate plan to update. The script is not encrypted, it is just packed in a jmpaddin file, which is just a Zip file. Rename the file to zip, and unzip. Then you should see all its content.

You may also directly edit the script in the folder:

<somewhere on your machine>\SAS\JMP\Addins\\

The directory can be found by these steps: go to JMP menu "View" > "Add-ins..."; find the add-in and select; and the directory is in the lower potion of the dialog.


The only thing that needs change is how to get the csv file using the latest Yahoo api, assuming they have not changed the file format. You may either directly change the script in that add-in directory. Or update the script in the zip file, then re-pack, rename to jmpaddin, and you haven an updated add-in!

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