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XML Importer Add-In

This add-in provides an interface for importing XML files to JMP Data Tables. To use the add-in, select Add-ins > Import XML. From the launch window, you can browse for the XML file you wish to import by pressing the Select File button. Once a file is selected, you will have the option to remove the file by pressing the Remove File button and then searching for another file. Pressing OK will initiate the importing process.

Figure 1.1 Launch Window


Example Data

Original XML


  <title>Title Text</title>






  <title2>Title Text 2</title2>







Resulting Data Table

Text1Title TextTitle Text 2
Text2Title TextTitle Text 2
Text3Title TextTitle Text 2
Text4Title TextTitle Text 2
Text5Title TextTitle Text 2
Text6Title TextTitle Text 2

Note that tags that are not at the most nested depth get repeated and in some instances the order of tags at a given depth are not preserved. It becomes alphabetical in JMP.


Installation and use went seamlessly. For an example XML file to practice with, there are examples at http://www.w3schools.com/xml/plant_catalog.xml .  The add-in went directly to the web site and delivered a JMP datafile to my JMP browser.   This was a great addition. Thanks!

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