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Scoping Design DoE JMP Add-In

This add-in allows you to quickly and easily create a Scoping design within JMP, and visualise its results. Scoping designs can be an extremely efficient way of gathering simple but powerful information, prior to embarking upon a formal Screening design.


In just 4-6 experiments you can confirm:

  • Whether your Signal/Noise ratio is large enough to give you a reasonable chance of detecting effects in a Screening study
  • Whether you're likely to achieve your response goals for your process
  • Whether your factor ranges appear to be optimal


A Scoping design will not tell you which factors are important, whether there are interactions or provide any formal statistics - but they can still be a valuable first step in a sequential DoE strategy, if little is known about the process.


For further information on Scoping designs please visit our website:


Hi Andrew,

I really like what you did there!

Any chance you add the "Pattern"-column to the design? Even for small designs like these ones I like to see what kind of experiment I am doing on the very first glance!



Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for the feedback, and that's a great idea about adding the Pattern column! I'll include that in my next version of this tool.

Best regards,