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Run All Table Scripts



This Add-In allows users to run all of the scripts saved to a data table at once. There are also options to select specific scripts from the table, choose between detailed and summary reports, and specify how you would like to view the results. There are three different reporting styles to choose from: Tabbed, Tiled (two-column), and the classic Multi-Window view. This add-in should allow users to easily create useful reports from data tables they work with frequently.

For more information, read my blog post on this add-in.


The add-in does not seem to get installed on my computer. This seems to be the issue with some of the recently uploaded add-ins. Does this add-in require JMP-13?

I have JMP 12.2 on my computer.

Hi, this add-in is very useful. I have applied it successfully in JMP 13. Now I am also wondering whether it fits JMP 14? Thank you.

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