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Melody Maker

This add-in will randomly make a melody based on some options you set, then your Mac will beatbox it to you.  (Only works on Mac.)

The options are filled in with default values so Steps 1-5 are optional.

  1. Set the musical scale.
  2. Set the key.
  3. Set the octave range (the lower the octave, the deeper the voice).
  4. Fill in the phonics.  You can use the default value, or use the instructions to change it.
  5. Set the number of bars and loops.
  6. Click the Generate Melody button.

Looking forward to trying this on Monday!  Interesting use of the JSL speak function.  It looks like MAC has a grammar that can be embedded into the speak string to control pitch, among other things.  Did you find a good resource for learning this?  (It runs on windows, but Microsoft Anna just reads the numbers that should be controlling the pitch.)

Monday: very cool.

Thanks Craige.  I'm trying to do things with JMP that people don't usually think of. It's silly (in a good way!) but it pushes the envelope.

Jeff Moore

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