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JMP Notebook

The JMP Notebook add-in provides a new way to create interactive presentations in JMP.

It provides three options for types of cells: Text, Script, and Picture. Text can be formatted in several ways, scripts can be run and results shown in the notebook, and pictures can be either embeded in the notebook or just a path to the image can be remembered.

Here are a list of other notable features:

  • Save and re-open your notebooks as 'jmpnb' files.
  • Convert a notebook to a single JSL script with text as comments.
  • View log, return results, and reports directly within notebook

Below is an image of an entire notebook. On your screen this would actually show up 

JMP Notebook.png


I would consider this project to be still in the beta stage of development, but I've decided to go ahead and release it to get some feedback. It certainly wasn't getting anywhere sitting in a folder on my computer :).

Some things I know would be nice to have:

  • Being able to edit existing cells
  • Run to selected cell



Really clever!  Can't wait to try it.

Really a nice job! Thank you

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