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Sep 29, 2014

JMP Addins for Frequency Analysis and Dual Seasonality Time Series Analysis

This addin contains 2 new JMP scripts which were presented in Using JMP’s Time Series Analysis Platform on Data Containing Multiple Periodic Signals at the .

The first enhances JMP's spectral analysis capabilities (Time Series Analysis platform) in a variety of ways, including spectrum, autospectrum, transfer function (including damping estimate), and waterfall plots.

The second allows two seasonality components to be analyzed when using the JMP Time Series Analysis platform.


Nice effort on this, I think the add-in needs to be reloaded though.


Sorry about that, Joe.  Not sure what the problem might be.  Until we can get it fixed, please feel free to contact me directly at, and I'll personally send a copy of the script to you.


Jerry Fish

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