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This add-in helps you analyze and compare multiple bioassay curves fit with a 4-Parameter or 5-Parameter Logistic (4PL/5PL) model.   It calls the Nonlinear platform behind the scenes to fit the models to each curve and then creates a variety of graphical and tabular results.


The add-in contains two routines, Fit Curves and Test Parallelism.   Details about them are available by clicking Add-Ins > Bioassay > Help after installing the add-in.


To install the add-in, download "Bioassay.jmpaddin", drag it onto an open JMP window, then click "Install".  You may also want to download the three example data sets, "Compound Comparison.jmp", "Chemical Structures.jmp", and "Standard vs Unknown.jmp".  These are used for illustration in the help documentation.


Some example screen shots are below.


6630_Bioassay Curves.JPG

6631_Bioassay Overlay.JPG

6632_Bioassay Parallel.JPG


This is a very useful  add-in. How I can change it from EC50 to EC80


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