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This add-in is useful for when you want to share a file to troubleshoot problems, but you want to de-identify the data as much as possible automatically. For example JMP Tech Support may need your data to diagnose a problem, but you may be reluctant to send in the data unless you can anonymize it.

  1. It changes all the column names to X__1, X__2, etc.
  2. It changes all the nominal and ordinal columns to have new values
  3. It updates value labels in nominal and ordinal columns to update to new values
  4. It eliminates list checks
  5. It updates column names in scripts

Security: You must still check your data to make sure you don't have any identifying characteristics. Continuous numeric data is unchanged -- this might include identifying information, such as social security numbers. Scripts are changed to use new column names, but still might contain other identifying information.

Known issues: Scripts with keywords the same as old column names may be incorrectly substituted. The program can fooled if there are already names or values the same to the ones that are created. This is not performance-tuned to handle large problems. This does not delete most column properties, but it does delete "Notes" properties.

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