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intraclass correlation coefficient and (bland altman)

Hello, I would like to ask about option to calculate agreement between two different raters and reproducibility by a single rater. 

More specifically, I am dealing with a well described ultrasound examination for prenatal diagnosis. The measurements taken are continuous data.

I would like to estimate the correlation of different raters as well as reproducibility by the same rater at different time.

There is no gold standard for comparison.

my data is orgenized by (Column 1 ID, Column 2 test results "1st rater", Column 3 test results "2nd rater".)
Since under analysis >quality and process > Test

The test are not familiar to me .

So my question:
1. How to organize my data for the analysis: 
2. What test to use in order to  get kappa correlation.


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Re: intraclass correlation coefficient and (bland altman)

Hi Eyal,


Although not specifically mentioned in JMP the BA plot is available under the Matched Pairs analysis platform. You can find it under: Analyze > Specialized Modeling > Matched Pairs


The data (in your case the two raters) should be arranged in two separate columns.

Please note that the chart does not contain the BA 95% limits of agreement but you can add them to the chart by using a formula colum to calculate the differences between pairs and then calculate the +/- 1.96*SD of thoe differences and add the obtained values to the chart.


I hope this helps.




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