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Using JMP to Optimize Results in Manufacturing


Many JMP’s customers work in manufacturing and there are similarities in how JMP is used to support different types of products.  Below is a description of the most common types of analysis performed in manufacturing.  For this, the word “process” is meant in a very general way, the steps, equipment, and control settings used to manufacture your product.


Presentation Agenda – Topics Covered

  • Introduction to JMP
    • Importing Data into JMP
    • Visual Exploratory Analysis (VDA) – Graphically Exploring Your Data
    • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) – Summarizing Your Data
    • Saving and Sharing Results
  • Is my process capable and stable?
    • Capability Analysis
    • Control Charts (SPC)
  • What are the sources for process variation?
    • Variability-Gauge Charts (analyzing data by nested groups of categorical variables)
    • Introduction to Multivariate Models – Finding variables that influence my results
  • How can I improve my process?
    • Process Optimization Using Trade-Space Analysis (adjusting process controls to achieve a better result)
  • Help!  My process took an excursion, what caused it?
    • Data mining for root-cause analysis



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