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legend in "Fit y by x"


Community Trekker


Dec 20, 2011

is it possible to create a legend in "Fit y by x" similarly to how it's done in "graph builder"? I know I can do that using "Row Legend..." but it is not doing what I want:

let's say I have assigned to the rows in my table, 4 different marker sizes and shapes to identify 4 different groups which name is in the column "core". In "Fit y by x", I creat a new graph and go in "Row Legend..." and select "core". But the result is that the legend uses the same marker shape for all, and the colors are different from what I have assigned to the row markers. Is there a way to have the legend using markers with the shapes and colors I assigned to the rows?



Super User


Jun 23, 2011

There are two ways that I can think of.

One is the use "Row Legend..." and then right click on each symbol in the legend to set marker and color.

The other is to "Color or Mark by column..." in the Rows menu and select "Make Window with legend". Then Journal or Layout (Edit menu) both the plot and the Legend window and arrange them in the way you'd like.