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integration of JMP into Jupyter notebooks



initial model development is with JMP Pro-14. Further model development and processing is done with Python using Jupyter notebooks. At a relatively high frequency,  JMP graphical interface is preferred to the static graphics provided by Python libraries. I know that JMP score code can be exported as Python and as such integrated into notebooks. Are there any other touch points with Jypter notebooks?


Ideally, our community would prefer to be able to have an interactive graphic inside of a given notebook project. In our case, the data repository is common between the two. 


Is there a process by which the above can be accomplished? I am not talking about a cut/paste. I am interested in the interactive nature of a JMP graphic. I am aware that some graphics can be saved as interactive html file. Thought are appreciated.

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Re: integration of JMP into Jupyter notebooks

What problem are you trying to solve, and how is Interactive HTML failing to help you?

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