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how to merge two session script files?

I had run separate analysis on the same excel file at different times , thus I have two separate session script files. How can I merge them into one single file- which will enable me to run both the analysis via single script file?

I am using JMP trial version


Re: how to merge two session script files?

A saved session script is just a JSL file: Save JMP Sessions.

I assume from your description that both of your files (1 and 2) tell JMP to open the XLS file, then do some manipulations. So in JMP (or your favourite editor), you should be able to open 1 and 2, then copy what you need from 2 and paste it at the end of 1. If you use JMP you can right-click in the editor window and select 'Reformat Script' which makes it easier to see the syntax and structure of the JSL you are working with.


Re: how to merge two session script files?

Thanks a lot . Will try this now.

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