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how to make jmp show the risk ratio automaticly for all the "fit proportional hazards"?


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Jun 1, 2016

1- when analyzing a parameter and its influence on survival with cox-fit proportional hazards, I want it to show me the risk ratio automatically. is that possible?

2- is there a way to check multiple parameters at the same time (since asking jmp to analyze a few parameters with the fit proportional hazards makes it multivariate analysis, and I don't want to do change the parameter manually to see its separate significance)

thank you very much




Jul 7, 2014

1. To have risk ratios reported automatically go to File => Preferences and check the Risk Ratios box11855_pastedImage_0.png

2. If you want to check the significance of multiple parameters (associated with a categorical effect) as a whole you can use Likelihood Ratio Tests or Wald Tests options available in the right top red triangle . You will get the effect tests reports.