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how to create average data from several rows?

Hi, I have groups of mice, with tumours. Each group gets a specific treatment and tumour growth is measured daily. At the end of the experiment I have data for 3-4 groups, each group consisting of 4-5 mice, how do I create a graph of the data with one line for each group using the average daily measurements for the groups as the points on the lines?

here is part of the table:


where there are four members to each treatment group (with their order changing randomly each day) and a set of measurements for each day (d20, d21, d22 etc)

I need to plot the line for the averages (with error bars) like you can do in prism (my supervisor wants me to use jmp)

thanks for the help


Super User


Jul 13, 2011

To perform analysis on your data, JMP needs the data organised 1 column per variable.  So your first step is to restructure your data so that you have a single column containing all tumour growth data (and one column for day).  To do this use the Stack command on the Tables menu and stack all the "d" columns:


This will give you a table organised like this:


If you want to generate summary stats (means and standard deviations) for each group for each day you can use the Summary command on the Tables menu:


Alternatively, if you want to graph the data with error bars, the Chart option under Graphs will perform the graphical equivalent of the Summary command: