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how to create OC curve


Community Member


Dec 19, 2014

Is any body know how to create an OC curve (operational charateristic curve) with JMP?


Community Trekker


Jun 5, 2014

Before I go too far, I want to point you towards an article in the Journal of Statistics Education (1998) by Gatti and Harwell entitled "Advantages of Computer Programs Over Power Charts for the Estimation of Power", in which they detail how OC charts are difficult to read, and fraught with error.

Nonetheless, OC-like charts can be easily generated in JMP by entering one of the three inputs (like Power, for instance) in the Sample Size and Power platform under the DOE pulldown:

7801_OC Curve.jpg

Of course, Pearson-Hartley OC Curves can be exactly reproduced in JSL with some dedication and perseverence.