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counting number of cells in a column with a given value


I'd like to count the number of cells in a column with zero as the value (or another arbitrary number).  Ideally, the results would be outputted as a list of counts.  Can someone point me in the right direction?  Thank you.




I would think that the easiest solution would be to simply use proc freq outputting the results to a file and then post-processing the output file for whatever criteria you need.


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Jul 5, 2011

If all you want to know is how many times each value occurs in a given column, you could simply use:

Tables menu -> Summary

Enter the column in the field for 'Group'

The resulting table should have 2 columns, the first being all the values that occur, and the second being the number of times each occurs.


Something like this should get you close:

dt << Current Data Table();

cols = dt << Get Selected Columns();

counts = NewTable("Counts for "||char(dt<<Get Name),newColumn("Column"),newColumn("Count"));

for(i = 1, i <= NItems(cols), i++,

     r = dt << Select Where( ascolumn(eval(cols)) == 0 );

     counts << AddRows({:Column = column(dt,cols)<< Get Name, :Count = NItems(r)});


I didn't test this.