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Writing a data table in Python

I perform extensive post-processing in Python and then move that data to jmp for analysis. Is the data table format standardized or documented somehow so that I can write jmp files directly? Right now I am writing to an intermediate CSV and then importing which is just another step to go wrong.


The answer to a similar question from last year suggested that the user write their data to a JSL script but I'm hoping that there is a better answer out there.



Re: Writing a data table in Python


I think there is no other solution for the moment.

Please add Kudo to my idea wish list :)


Re: Writing a data table in Python

I don't know if this still works, but it used to be possible to use the win32com module in Python to connect to COM servers.  This means you could use the JMP Automation interface.  There is some documentation here: .


Once you connect to JMP, you can ask it to create a data table and then populate the individual rows and columns.  The JMP Automation Reference is included with the JMP installation in the Documentation folder.


This is definitely more on the advanced side, but once you get a connection creating the table is not hard.


Brian Corcoran

JMP Development

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