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Wilcoxon test WITH Bonferroni adjustment

Dear forum users,

how can I add a Bonferroni adjustment to the Wilcoxon test?

that is how can I do post hoc non-parametric tests/multiple comparisons using pairwise comparisons like Wilcoxon rank sum test with the Bonferroni correction.

Raw-data in my dataset follows a Johnson Su distrubution, and I have had troubles transforming it into a normally distributed one, so I have to compare the groups by a non-parametric test..


AC(Jmp 8.0.2 user)


Super User


Jul 13, 2011

I think to do multiple comparisons using non-parametric methods you may need version 9 of JMP; taking a quick look at the method implemented in v9 I think it does not use Bonferroni corrections, so you would need to adjust the alpha of the test to acheive the same adjustment