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Using disallowed combinations in custom design


I am using JMP10 for an experimental design of protein expression in bacteria. I have many categorical factors and two continuous factors. I would like to exclude from the design several conditions that combine several values from one categorical factor with a continuous factor. Using the Data filter as explained here (Custom Design Window) I have generated an "AND" combination, and without finding any continuation to the Data filter window, I have saved the script via the "Data filter" red triangle menu (script->save script to Data Table or to Script Window).

When I setup the cautom design, I can reach the "Disallowed Combinations" menu, from the red triangle menu, and I am prompted to paste in the script. however, the script doesn' work. Script is as follows:

Current Data Table() << Data Filter(

    Location( {864, 146} ),

    Add Filter(

        columns( :Name( "Inducer level (mM)" ), :Media ),


            :Media == {"Autoinduction TB based", "AI+L-arginine",

            "AI+Glycine-betaine", "AI+Glycine-Trehalose"}


        Display( :Media, Size( 212, 225 ), List Display )



The script doesn't work. Is there any simple way to choose the specific factors/value? Or do I need to write scripts for the disallowed combinations?

Thanks in advance for your help


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