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Time stamps, time zones, daylight savings, yuck



I'm looking for a method to align by time stamp two separate data files that have "time" stored differently.  One uses the J2000 epoch for its timestamps, which cares not for time zones nor daylight saving time.  The other file uses wall clock time.  So this one does change based on time zone and daylight saving.


I don't think that I can just let JMP's date/time format handle this for me.  It is not clear from the documentation how time zones are handled.  I don't see any way to tell JMP "this time stamp is from the pacific time zone".  If that is possible, then I could just take the integer representation and use the offset between the epoch that JMP uses and J2000 to sync them up.


Thanks for any suggestions,


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Re: Time stamps, time zones, daylight savings, yuck

JMP date and time values do not know anything about what timezone the time is in. So, if you know what timezone the time is in and you want to compare it to another value, that you also know the timezone for, you'll need to standardize them both to the same timezone and then compare them.


I don't think JMP attempts to do anything with Daylight Saving Time. If that's important you'll need to make adjustments on your own.